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Affiliate Program FAQ

This page is dedicated to the most common and frequently asked questions regarding our Affiliate Program. Simply browse the questions below to that might be relative to your own and find your answer quickly and easily.
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01. How Much Does Pay Its Affiliates?
We pay an 18% Commission on all sale transactions.
02. Do You Pay Different Commission Rates for Different Products?
Currently, we pay the same affiliate commission rate for all products sold, because we don't want affiliates to be confused. Of course, we don't earn the same "gross profit margin" on every type of product, and in some cases (perish the thought) we might actually lose money on individual sale transactions, if our "gross margin" is not adequate to cover the affiliate commission. We reserve the right to modify our commission structure in the future, if we find that such changes are fair and necessary.
03. How Are Sales Tracked?
Every link from an affiliate web site to MovieGoods must include the affiliate's ID code as part of the link. When a consumer clicks on that link, a "cookie" is sent to the consumer containing the referring web site's affiliate ID code. If the consumer later makes a purchase at the MovieGoods site, the cookie is retrieved and the affiliate ID is recorded as part of the sale transaction.
04. Are Any Sales Not Tracked and Credited?
We cannot track sales if a consumer rejects the "cookie" sent from the MovieGoods server, or if the consumer deletes the cookie after the initial referral but before making a purchase. We also cannot track sales if a consumer changes their "browser profile" or "identity", or if the consumer uses a different computer to visit the MovieGoods web site to make the purchase. In addition, a consumer's purchase will always be credited to the most recent affiliate whose link was used to reach the MovieGoods web site.
05. What Happens if Two Affiliates Refer the Same Consumer?
Our policy is to credit all sales to the "last referring affiliate," since that site is the one most likely to have caused the sale to occur.

Example: A consumer clicks on a MovieGoods link from Affiliate A, and browses the MovieGoods store, but buys nothing. A week later, the consumer clicks on another MovieGoods link from Affiliate B and then buys something from MovieGoods. In this case, the entire sales commission will be credited to Affiliate B.

Example: A consumer clicks on a MovieGoods link from Affiliate A, and makes a $50 purchase. A week later, the consumer clicks on another MovieGoods link from Affiliate B, and spends another $50. The first sale will be credited to Affiliate A, while the second sale will be credited to Affiliate B.
06. Can I Earn Commissions on My Own Purchases?
Only if you were not referred by another affiliate! If you were referred by another affiliate, then they will get the commission on your purchases.
07. How Are Returns or Charge-backs Handled?
If a purchase is returned, or if all or part of any transaction is "charged back" due to a dispute or credit card fraud, the affiliate commission will be modified to reflect the change in the underlying transaction. If we have already paid your commission on the transaction, the charge-back will be deducted from future commission checks.
08. Why Don't You Pay More for "Direct Product Links"?
Like every other merchant on the Internet, we earn our profits based on the sale of products. Our profit margins aren't affected by "how you link," nor does it matter whether a consumer purchases a specific product you recommend, or some other product in our store. We believe that it would be unfair to pay different rates for different types of links. Instead, we pay the same high commission rate for all sales.
09. Can I Use My Commissions to Buy Stuff from MovieGoods?
Yes! Our affiliates love movies and movie memorabilia, and our most effective affiliates are those who have experienced our products and service. Contact our Affiliate Support Team and we will arrange to have your affiliate earnings credited towards your own purchase.
10. When Does MovieGoods Pay Itís Affiliates?
We will mail commission checks to affiliates who have accrued at least $50 in earnings, no later than 60 days after the end of a quarter in which commissions accrue. In some months, we may elect to mail commission payments sooner but we reserve the right to delay payment up to 60 days to allow time for any returns or fraudulent credit card charges to be reported and processed. If you have not yet accrued $50 in earnings, then your earnings will "roll over" into the next quarter, until you accrue at least $50.
11. Who May Participate in the MovieGoods Affiliate Program?
Any person with a web site may apply, but only those sites that are approved may actually participate in the MovieGoods Affiliate Program.
12. Who May Not Participate in the Affiliate Program?
We do not wish to advertise on web sites which contain content that is likely to offend a substantial number of our staff, shareholders, or customers. Therefore, you cannot participate in the MovieGoods affiliate program if your web site: Advocates hatred, prejudice or harassment based on race, gender, social class, ethnicity, nationality or national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or difference, political beliefs, or otherwise; Contains, or claims or appears to contain, any materials which infringe the copyrights or other intellectual property; advocates or encourages any illegal activities, including betting or gambling over the Internet.
13. My Site is Non-Commercial. Can I Direct My Affiliate Earnings to Charity?
We recognize that many great web sites are non-commercial and do not accept advertising fees. We encourage these sites to link to MovieGoods using our "charity" link so that we can pay the affiliate portion to a suitable charity (currently, the United Way of Greater Los Angeles). To create a MovieGoods charity link on your site, please contact our Affiliate Support Team. If your non-commercial site generates substantial traffic, please contact our Affiliate Support Team to ask us to create a special affiliate ID code for the non-profit group of your choice.
14. How May Affiliates Promote MovieGoods?
In general, you may only promote MovieGoods through regular text and image links on your web site, using language and images provided or approved by MovieGoods.
15. Can I Include Price Information at My Site?
No. Prices for movie memorabilia change frequently, and consumers may be angry or resentful if they see one price at your site and another when they click through to the MovieGoods site.
16. Can I Use Email or Newsgroups to Promote MovieGoods?
No. We do not endorse or approve the practice of inserting any affiliate links to MovieGoods in newsgroups or email messages, nor on any web site, which is promoted via newsgroup posts, or email messages, unless you obtain our advance written approval. We have a "zero tolerance" policy for spam and "unsolicited commercial email." In the event that you violate this policy, your affiliate account will be terminated and you will not receive any payments from MovieGoods.
17. Can I Use One Affiliate Account on Multiple Web Sites?
If you obtain advance approval for each web site, which you operate, you may use a single Affiliate ID for all sites, which are approved. Do not submit multiple applications, as this will result in multiple accounts.
18. How Do I Link to MovieGoods?
Go to the "Get Links" section of the Affiliate Center to view a wide range of banners, buttons, and text links, and click on any of the buttons there to obtain ready-to-use HTML code to display these links on your site.
19. How Much Have I Earned? How Effective Are My Links?
Go to the "Reports" section of the Affiliate Center to see reports on your current and past earnings; we plan to add additional reports showing the effectiveness of the MovieGoods banners, buttons, and text links used at your site.