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The budget was so small for Casablanca that they had to use a cardboard cutout of an airplane and midgets to portray the crew preparing the plane for take-off.

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Aliens Are People, Too Movie Posters

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Planet of the Vampires Movie Posters
Planet of the Vampires
The Thing Movie Posters
The Thing
Starman Movie Posters
The Hidden Movie Posters
The Hidden
My Stepmother Is an Alien Movie Posters
My Stepmother Is an Alien
Alien Resurrection Movie Posters
Alien Resurrection
My Favorite Martian Movie Posters
My Favorite Martian
The Puppet Masters Movie Posters
The Puppet Masters
Species 2 Movie Posters
Species 2
Impostor Movie Posters
Body Snatchers Movie Posters
Body Snatchers
The Hidden 2 Movie Posters
The Hidden 2
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