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Thank you for your interest in MovieGoods! At MovieGoods, we are pleased to offer top quality products at competitive prices. We stand behind our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions our customers have. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us - we will be happy to help you!
1. What is the condition of the product that I am viewing?
All posters sold on by MovieGoods are rated using the following grading system:
Mint or Brand New:
Never hung in a theater. Looks brand new. In most cases with newer releases it is straight from the printer, through us to you. If it is a vintage product, it will have had lots of TLC over the years.

Near Mint:
May have hung in a theater. If the item is rolled, it may have tiny holes in the corner borders and very slight edge wear. If it is folded, it could also have slight creases on the fold lines.

Very Good:
May have hung in a theater. If the item is rolled, it may have more than one hole in each border corner. It may also have minor edge wear and slight creasing. If the item is folded, it could also have slight separation along a fold line(s) and slightly more creasing. None of these issues would be obvious if the poster was framed.

More than likely hung in a theater. There will be edge wear and it should have small tears or holes on the border that will not affect the artwork. Each tear should measure no more than one inch. Tiny pieces of border may be torn or missing. The item could have minor fading or condensation wrinkles. There could be some tape marks. If the item is folded, it could have separations in some places along the fold lines. Some of the condition issues may be visible if framed with no touch-ups.

Will have hung in a theater. This item will potentially share all the same characteristics as an item in good condition. There could be larger tears and holes. There may also some bleed through, stains or other defects that could affect the poster's artwork. With restoration these items can be restored to their original shape before framing.

Definitely hung in a theater. In most cases the item has seen better days. The item could have larger tears or pieces of the poster missing. There could be serious fading. We seldom sell items in poor condition unless they are very rare. They would require some meaningful restoration.

2. What is the condition of the product that I am viewing?
Many items on our website are originals. A key indicator of original posters is the Original Item icon shown below. Descriptions for common original items include 1 Sheet Posters, Half Sheets, Lobby Cards, Inserts, Window Cards and 3 Sheet Posters. If you have questions about a specific item, Contact Us anytime.

Authentic Original Item
3. How do I determine the size of a poster?
Sizes on our website are always stated in inches, and the default poster size is 27" x 40" (the same size of posters you will see hanging in movie theatres today). Some products will show the poster size right in its description, such as 11" x 17", 30" x 40" and 43" x 62" posters. If a poster is listed as "1 Sheet", that means that it is 27" x 40", or 27" x 41" if its an original poster from a film older than the mid-1980's.

When you're on a page of products for any specific movie, you will find tabs under the "Additional Products" section that allow you to sort available items by the common sizes. If you still have questions about the size of a specific item, Contact Us anytime with the item/sku number.

Click Here to find out the various descriptions and sizes of all the movie products we sell.
4. What does a poster 'style' refer to?
You will see that posters under each film will have a Style listed in its description: Style A, Style B, Style C, etc. These Styles are simply a way of differentiating the actual images on the posters. Style A means that was the first poster image we received for that film, Style B was the second image received, and so on.
5. How are your products packaged for shipping?
All of our items are carefully packaged in order to guard against damage. Unfolded posters are shipped in heavy-duty reinforced cardboard containers or tubes. Items such as folded posters, stills, press kits and lobby cards are packaged in heavy-duty cardboard reinforced envelopes. All of our products are packaged in a way that ensures they arrive to you undamaged and in the described condition.
6. How do I order items?
Click on the Buy Now or Buy This Item buttons next to the item that you wish to purchase. After you have finished adding all your items into your shopping cart, click on "Check-Out" and complete the shipping information. Next, you will be presented with payment options. Select one of these options, and follow the further instructions.
7. What are the payment options?
MovieGoods offers three payment options:

  • Secure Online Ordering - You may use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express) to pay for your purchases. In order to protect your ordering information, your personal information is encrypted using the latest security technology. None of your ordering information, including credit card number, name and address, can be read during transit. For more information regarding how we protect your ordering information, please read our Security Policy.

  • Pay via Third Party Options Amazon Payments or Google Checkout.

  • Telephone Ordering - If you do not wish to use MovieGood's secure transaction system, you may select the "phone order" option found on the order form. Please fill out the entire order form, and then call us at our toll free number (1-888-855-3588) to provide your credit card information over the phone.
8. What do you charge for shipping?
Shipping and handling fees are calculated at the time that you make your order. Fees may vary, depending on where the item is to be shipped to, and what delivery method is chosen. We currently offer USPS and UPS shipping methods. Please see our section on Shipping for more information.
9. What is the MovieGoods return policy?
MovieGoods guarantees customer satisfaction.

If you are unsatisfied with the items you have received, please contact our Customer Returns Department immediately. We will be happy to assist you with a free replacement or refund of the price of the product. Please note that we do not refund shipping costs. Any products returned for credit or refund must be returned within 30 days. Please note that laminated posters cannot be returned as the process is not reversible.

Note: do not send any items back to us until you have contacted us to obtain instructions and a Return Authorization Number. MovieGoods will NOT accept any returned orders without a Return Authorization Number.
10. What should I do if my order has not arrived?
Delivery time estimates may differ, depending upon the shipping method you requested and the location your order is shipped from. Detailed shipping rates and estimated delivery times can be found on our Shipping Information page.

For peace of mind, we recommend that you consider purchasing an upgraded shipping method. Our basic shipping is handled through the US post office. This method is not trackable or guaranteed within a particular time period. Faster delivery methods are offered in which the shipments are fully trackable and guaranteed to arrive within the selected delivery time.

If you have any questions regarding the shipping of your order, please Contact Us.
11. Is sales tax added to my order?
Shipments to North Carolina residents will be charged a 6.75% sales tax.
12. What if you run out of stock on the item I want?
Our website will alert you if an item is not in stock before you finalize your purchase. Due to the large volume of business and occasional inventory errors, MovieGoods may run out of a product before your order can be filled. In the event that a product you ordered is no longer in stock, we will contact you and arrange either a replacement or a refund.
13. Do you sell movies?
No. MovieGoods sells Only Movie Memorabilia. If you are looking for a particular DVD, please visit Amazon or Movies Unlimited.
14. Okay, I know you don't sell movies. What DO you sell?
MovieGoods sells a wide variety of movie memorabilia, including movie posters, theater advertising, and books. To find out more, Click Here.
15. Does MovieGoods offer price protection?
No, we do not offer any price protection policies on the items we sell. Due to fluctuating supply and demand of movie collectibles, the market prices of items can often change. If the price of an item drops after the date you purchased it, we will not refund the price difference. However, you can return an item within 30 Days of Date of Purchase. Contact our Customer Service Department with any questions. .
16. I see fold lines in the poster image, will my poster be folded when it arrives?
If you are ordering a reproduction poster of any kind or size, then no, it will not actually be folded. It will however have fold lines in the image as they appeared on the original poster. Before the mid 1980's, posters were sent folded in an envelope to theatres. Our supplier will not remove the fold lines when creating the posters to maintain the integrity of the Original image. You will see the fold lines do appear on the image posted on our website.
If you are ordering an authentic original item and you see fold lines in the image, then your actual poster will also be folded when it arrives.
If you still have any questions, please contact us anytime via E-mail, or via telephone at 1-888-855-3588 (US and Canada) or (919) 595-1110 (International).
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