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This page is dedicated to the most common and frequently asked questions regarding our various poster finishing options. Simply browse the legend below to any question(s) that might be relative to your own and find your answer quickly and easily.
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Lamination FAQ

01. What is laminating?
Laminating is the process of placing two protective clear films over the front and back of the poster. The lamination provides protection against fingerprints, smudges or other items that can damage or fade the poster.
02. Can any poster be laminated?
Any poster can be laminated and it is an inexpensive way to protect the poster. However, laminating a poster is a permanent process and cannot be undone. So we recommend not laminating posters that are very valuable or are collectible in nature.
03. Can I frame a laminated poster?
Yes you can frame a laminated poster! This way you will have a poster that is protected both in or out of a frame.
04. What are the benefits of laminating a print or poster?
Laminating not only gives your poster a beautiful gloss finish, it also protects your poster from virtually anything that it could come in contact with. When framing is not an option, laminating your poster is the next best thing!
05. How are laminated items shipped?
If your poster is only laminated, it will most likely be shipped rolled to reduce the shipping cost to you.
06. Can I return a laminated item?
Sorry, no. The lamination process is unreversible. For this reason, we cannot accept returns on laminated posters and prints. Please be certain of any laminated items before completing your purchase.

Lightboxes FAQ

01. What size posters will the Lightbox accommodate?
The Lightbox will up to a 27" x 40" poster. Anything less than a 27" x 40" poster will show the diffusion panel in the Light Box.
02. What are the overall dimensions for the Light Box?
The overall size of the Lightbox is 29" wide by 42" tall and is 4" deep.
03. What is the difference between the 2 bulb and 4 bulb Light Boxes?
The 2 bulb version is great for residential or lighting controlled environments. The 4 bulb version is for commercial applications or where the unite will be in a brightly lit area.
04. What type of Light Bulbs does the unite use?
The units use 36" fluorescent lights to illuminate your poster. Fluorescent bulbs are used to make this a cool running Lightbox that will not damage or warp posters.
05. Does the Lightbox come with the light bulbs included?
Absolutely! The units come ready to hang and display your favorite poster!
06. How can I hang the Lightbox?
The Lightbox is designed to be mounted directly to most surfaces and comes with the necessary hanging hardware for mounting to your home wall or drywall application.
07. What type of glass is used for the front face?
A special light diffusing acrylic backing and a front acrylic lining protect your poster from light damage and the elements. The poster is sandwiched between these two pieces without the use of tape or Velcro. Our tight fit assures no sagging in the poster as well. NO LIGHT SPILLING FROM THE EDGES OR FROM BEHIND. The acrylic used is free from blemishes and that holds its shape. The acrylic used is 1/8" thick on both the back and the front panel. It is a more expensive material, but it lasts lifetimes and resists crack and does not warp.
08. How do you load a poster?
The Lightboxes are completely seamless from the outside. No ugly hinges and no tools needed to remove and add posters. Using the spring loaded system, you will always have a tight fit for your poster. This is a Lightbox that you will have for the rest of your life!

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