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Item Number: 257934
Description: 27 x 40 Movie Poster - Style A
Product Condition: NEW
Availability: Available - 7-14 Business Day Processing Time Prior to Shipping
Price: $19.88
Year: 1980
Cast: Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted (Edward) Knight, Michael O'Keefe, Bill Murray, Sarah Holcomb, Brian Doyle-Murray, Cindy Morgan, Scott Colomby, Dan Resin, Henry Wilcoxon, Elaine Aiken
Directed By: Harold Ramis

Inspired performances by Murray and Dangerfield drive this sublimely moronic comedy onto the green. The action takes place at Bushwood Country Club, where caddy Danny (O'Keefe) is bucking to win the club's college scholarship. Characters involved in various sophomoric set pieces include obnoxious club president Judge Smails (Knight), playboy Ty Webb (Chase), who is too laid back to keep his score, loud, vulgar, and extremely rich Al Czernik (Dangerfield), and filthy gopher-hunting groundskeeper Carl (Murray). Occasional dry moments are followed by scenes of pure (and tasteless) anarchy, so watch with someone immature. Does for golf what "Major League" tried to do for baseball.
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