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Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones
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Item Number: 511184
Description: 8 x 10 B&W Photo #1
Product Condition: NEW
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 To 3 Business Days
Price: $6.99
Year: 1954
Cast: Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, Roy Glenn, Diahann Carroll, Brock Peters
Directed By: Otto Preminger

Bizet's tale of fickle femme fatale Carmen heads South with an all black cast and new lyrics by Hammerstein II. Soldier Belafonte falls big time for factory working belle Dandridge during the war, and runs off with miss thang after he kills his C.O. and quits the army. Tired of prettyboy Belafonte, Dandridge's eye wanders upon prize pugilist Escamillo, inspiring ex-soldier beau to wring her throaty little neck. Film debuts of Carroll and Peters. More than a little racist undertone to the direction. Actors' singing is dubbed.
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