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Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder
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Item Number: 189451
Description: 1 Sheet - Rolled
Product Condition: NEAR MINT
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $29.99
Year: 1990
Cast: Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid, Nicole Kidman, Cary Elwes, Michael Rooker, Fred Dalton Thompson, John C. Reilly
Directed By: Tony Scott

"Top Gun" in race cars! Cruise follows the same formula he has followed for several years now (with the notable exception of "Born on the Fourth of July.") Cruise and Towne co-wrote the screenplay concerning a young kid bursting with talent and raw energy who must learn to deal with his mentor, his girlfriend, and eventually the bad guy. First film that featured cameras that were actually on the race cars. If you like Cruise or race cars then this is the movie for you.
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