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Emperor's New Groove, The

Emperor's New Groove, The
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Item Number: 140852
Description: DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Style A
Product Condition: NEAR MINT
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $49.99
Year: 2000
Cast: David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton, Wendie Malick, Patti Deutsch, John Fiedler, Kellyann Kelso, Eli Russell Linnetz
Directed By: Mark Dindal

Animated fantasy about self-centered young emperor Kusco (Spade) who gets turned into a llama by sorceress Yzma (Kitt) and must team up with peasant Pacha (Goodman) to get his throne back. Refreshingly devoid of "important lessons" and sappy pop tunes, the only mission here is to provide laughs, and that it does. Like the great Warner Bros. cartoons of old, sarcastic and sophisticated humor abounds (Spade really helps out here), and the sidekicks get plenty of face (and hero) time, not to mention some of the best lines, including Warburton as Yzma's distracted and clumsy right-hand villain, Kronk.
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