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The Sandlot

The Sandlot
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Item Number: 180113
Description: DS 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Style A
Product Condition: VERY GOOD
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $79.99
AKA: "The Sandlot Kids"
Year: 1993
Cast: Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marty York, Brandon Adams, Denis Leary, Karen Allen, James Earl Jones, Maury Wills, Art LaFleur, Marley Shelton, Brooke Adams
Directed By: David Mickey Evans

Young Scotty (Guiry) moves to a new neighborhood in California in 1962 and tries to make friends despite not knowing anything about playing baseball. His scrappy teammates include the friendly Benny (Vitar), a chubby loud-mouthed catcher named Ham (Renna), and Squints (Leopardi), a would-be Lothario before his time. Action revolves around Scotty's attempt to get baseball autographed by Babe Ruth out of the clutches of giant killer junkyard dog owned by Jones before dad Leary discovers it's missing. Small wonder is nostalgic without being sentimental, and tells its tale with grace and humor, supported by a period soundtrack.
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