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Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies
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Item Number: 171856
Description: 1 Sheet Movie Poster - Style A
Product Condition: NEAR MINT
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $99.99
Year: 1997
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce, Michelle Yeoh, Teri Hatcher, Judi Dench, Colin Salmon, Samantha Bond, Desmond Llewelyn, Joe Don Baker, Ricky Jay, Vincent Schiavelli, Geoffrey Palmer
Directed By: Roger Spottiswoode

18th installment of the James Bond series is all style and little else packaged in a tedious action adventure. Our villain is a media mogul (Pryce) who plans to start WWIII in order to increase his newspaper revenues. (Rupert Murdoch, start your lawyers!) In between the blantant product placements (from Heineken to Visa), our secret agent Bond (Brosnan, who seems bored with the role in his second appearance) sets out to foil the nutty plans. Bond gets help from Hong Kong action queen Yeoh as a Chinese agent, and a bevy of toys from the antiquated Q, including a BMW controlled by remote. Direction and flow is on autopilot after the opening scene and despite Yeoh's energetic high-kicks and the sleek techno toys, it can't revitalize what has become a third-class imitator of its predecessors.
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