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Tattoos are forever, too bad love isn’t always! When Julia Roberts was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland, she got a tattoo on her left shoulder of a Chinese symbol to show their "endless" love.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood
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Item Number: 149325
Description: Movie Poster - Re-Creation 27 x 41 - 1 Sheet
Product Condition: NEW
Availability: Special Order - Usually Ships Within 2 To 3 Weeks
Price: $325.00
Year: 1922
Cast: Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Wallace Beery, Sam DeGrasse, Enid Bennett, Paul Dickey, William E. (W.E., William A., W.A.) Lowery, Roy Coulson, Bill Bennett, Merrill McCormick, Wilson Benge, Willard Louis, Alan Hale, Maine Geary, Lloyd Talman
Directed By: Allan Dwan

Extravagant production casts Fairbanks as eponymous gymnastic swashbuckler who departs for Crusades as Earl of Huntington and returns as the hooded one to save King Richard's throne from the sinister Sheriff of Nottingham. Best ever silent swashbuckling.
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