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Prehistoric Women

Prehistoric Women
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Item Number: 391383
Description: 8 x 10 B&W Photo #1
Product Condition: NEW
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 To 3 Business Days
Price: $6.99
AKA: "Slave Girls"
Year: 1967
Cast: Michael Latimer, Martine Beswick, Edina Ronay, Carol White
Directed By: Michael Carreras

Essentially, an equally tacky remake of the 1950 woofer. Great white hunter David Marchant (Latimer) gets lost in a jungle where the local tribe worship the white rhino. He escapes from one group, only to recapture by some Amazons, who take the hunter to their queen, Kari (Beswick--the only reason to waste your time), who gives him two options--satisfy her or die.
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