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Sons of Katie Elder

Sons of Katie Elder
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Item Number: 324329
Description: BW Still #08
Product Condition: VERY GOOD
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $9.99
Year: 1965
Cast: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, Michael Anderson Jr., Martha Hyer, George Kennedy, Dennis Hopper, Paul Fix, James Gregory
Directed By: Henry Hathaway

After their mother's death, four brothers are reunited. Wayne is a gunman; Anderson is a college graduate; silent Holliman is a killer; and Martin is a gambler. When they learn that her death might have been murder, they come together to devise a way to seek revenge on the killer. The town bullies complicate matters; the sheriff tells them to lay off. Especially strong screen presence by Wayne, in his first role following cancer surgery. One of the Duke's most popular movies of the '60s.
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