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In the "when life gives you lemons" department, James Van der Beek pursued acting as a career after a concussion ended his junior high school football career.

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Item Number: 221192
Description: British Quad 30 x 40 - Style D
Product Condition: NEAR MINT
Availability: Available - Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day
Price: $39.99
Year: 1978
Cast: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing, Didi Conn, Eve Arden, Frankie Avalon, Sid Caesar, Dinah Manoff, Joan Blondell, Alice Ghostley, Dody Goodman, Kelly Ward, Michael Tucci, Barry Pearl, Edd Byrnes, Susan Buckner, Lorenzo Lamas, Fannie Flagg, Eddie Deezen, Michael Biehn
Directed By: Randal Kleiser

Film version of the hit Broadway musical about summer love. Set in the 1950s, this spirited musical follows a group of high-schoolers throughout their senior year. The story offers a responsible moral: act like a tart and you'll get your guy; but, hey, it's all in fun anyway. Followed by a weak sequel.
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