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John Travolta owns a Boeing 707.

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MovieGoods Staff Picks

At MovieGoods, we live and breathe movies - so we much so that we had asked some of our staff members what their favorite movie posters were. Check them out and see if any of them picked one of your favorites?
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Terry's (Management) Favorite Picks

Star Wars
"Best Poster from the Best Movie...EVER!!!"

Forbidden Planet
"Ultimate 50's Sci-Fi picture."

The Shawshank Redemption
"A classic - great image."

Star Wars - Episode I
"Look at the foreshadowing."

Pulp Fiction
"Great poster to launch the comeback of the pulp-style movies."

Stacey's (Customer Service) Favorite Picks

The Sound of Music
"First movie I fell in love with as a child."

Schindler's List
"Haunting image, unforgettable."

"A classic. Who doesn't know all of the words?"

"Excellent poster, even better movie."

"Pixar's best work yet, look at that face..."

Sonia's (Customer Service) Favorite Picks

Breakfast at Tiffany`s
"All-time classic."

"Two words: Patrick Swayze."

"I love the look of this poster"

Twilight Saga: Eclipse
"Team Edward or Team Jacob?"

Sucker Punch
"Love the look of this poster."

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