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Mariah Carey has her own personal food taster, who does such things as wipe down her can of Coke with antibacterial moist towelettes before she drinks from it.

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MovieGoods Staff Picks

At MovieGoods, we live and breathe movies - so we much so that we had asked some of our staff members what their favorite movie posters were. Check them out and see if any of them picked one of your favorites?
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Dany's (Imaging) Favorite Picks

"Great movie, an ambiguous image until you see the movie."

"Colorful graphics."

Sin City
"Jessica Alba."

Office Space
"Originality of image/concept not depicted in movie, but good representation."

Rush Hour 2
"Great match-up."

Matt's (Customer Service) Favorite Picks

"Classic image from one of my favorite sports movies of all time."

"Great movie with three of the superstar actors/actresses from the film displayed on this poster."

The Dark Knight
"My favorite of the Dark Knight posters. Love the imagery with Batman watching over the city."

Training Day
"This poster really shows what the movie is all about; Denzel the fearless leader and Hawke the cautious rookie."

"Classic, recognizable poster with three great actors featured."

Brad's (Shipping) Favorite Picks

Pulp Fiction
"The best movie ever made."

Diamonds Are Forever
"The best of the Bond films."

Fight Club
"Great film."

Deep Throat
"Great film. Really. It is."

Melissa's (Framing) Favorite Picks

Snow White
"Classic. The first animated feature film in America."

Water for Elephants
"Great costumes and sets make the depression era romance come alive."

The Dark Crystal
"The art of Jim Henson is unforgettable."

Monsters, Inc.
"Revolutionary Pixar animation at its finest."

Pan's Labyrinth
"Mesmerizing visuals in a dark and grown-up fairy tale."

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